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2,7-Dichloro-alpha-[(dibutylamino)methyl]-9H-fluorene-4-methanol manufacturer

DBA intermediates of Lumefantrine are a blood schizonticide active against erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium falciparum. It is thought that administration of 2,7-Dichloro-alpha-[(dibutyl amino)methyl]-9H-fluorene-4-methanol with artemether results in cooperating antimalarial clearing... Read More

Cockroach Pest Control Chennai

Cockroaches are notoriously difficult pests to eliminate. These pests constitute a great threat to humans. The most effective method of removing the threat is to hire pest Cockroach Control Services... Read More

Synthetic aroma chemicals are chemicals which are made in a laboratory under controlled conditions using chemical reactions. They are widely preferred since they can easily reproduce the various aromas which... Read More

The worldwide capacity of vinyl acetate monomer was evaluated at 8.47 million tonnes per year (mtpa) in 2020, and the market is predicted to increase at an AAGR of more... Read More

Electrophysiology Devices Market is used in conjunction with cardiac catheters and powerful computers to create electrocardiogram (EKG) tracings and electrical data from within the heart chambers with extreme precision. The... Read More

Asia-Pacific will provide the most capacity internationally during the next five years, followed by North America, Europe, the Middle East, the Former Soviet Union, and South America. By 2025, Asia-Pacific... Read More

The compound that lower the surface tension between two phases, like between two liquids, a gas and a liquid, or a liquid and a solid are called surface-active agent or... Read More

An emulsifier is an additive which helps two liquids mix. For example, equal amounts of water and oil when poured in a glass tend to separate after some time, but... Read More

Bromoacetone is produced by mixing bromine and acetone in the presence of catalytic acid. Like all ketones, Acetone is enolized when it is in contact with bases or acids. The... Read More

pest control services – Dev Enterprise

Dev Enterprise is a trusted name in the field of Pest Control & Pest Management. The company was founded by Mr. Alpesh Darji, A dynamic entrepreneur with 25+ years of... Read More