Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine

Dating back to 1579, Vilnius University (VU) stands as the third oldest and most renowned public university in Northern Europe. Initially established as the Jesuit Academy of Vilnius (College), it has since evolved to include various faculties spanning Economics and Business Administration, Communication History, Law, Mathematics and Informatics, Medicine, Philology, Philosophy, and Physics.

With a student body numbering around 25,000, including Undergraduate, Integrated, Graduate, Postgraduate, Residency, and International students, Vilnius University offers a diverse array of study programs. Among its offerings is the Medicine Program conducted in English, spanning a duration of six years.

Furthermore, the university actively organizes a range of extracurricular activities aimed at enhancing the mental and physical well-being of students, while also fostering the development of their sports skills. Participation in these activities also earns candidates additional credit scores.

Vilnius University's Faculty of Medicine holds the top spot in the country's ranking and is positioned at 772nd globally. Currently, the university hosts over 900 international students from 74 different nations.