Tver State Medical University (TSMU Russia)

Tver State Medical University, also recognized as TSMU Russia, boasts a long-standing history, having been established in 1936, making it over 80 years old. Situated in the heart of Tver Oblast, Russia, the university is located in the city center of Tver. Comprising 6 faculty members and 79 departments dedicated to pedagogy and career guidance, Tver Medical University Russia offers a comprehensive academic structure.

Equipped with a multi-facility clinic featuring 755 beds, along with a dental hospital, central research laboratory, cell culture laboratory, and extensive library, Tver University ensures access to top-notch facilities for its students. The university emphasizes a holistic approach to student life, aiming to strike a balance between academic pursuits, social engagements, and recreational activities.

With a commitment to diversity, Tver State Medical University welcomes over 1,000 foreign students from more than 45 countries, fostering a rich cultural and educational environment.