Trapo – leading automotive accessories brand in Singapore

Discover TRAPO, the ultimate destination for automotive accessories that redefine comfort, safety, and sustainability. Established in 2016, TRAPO has emerged as a leading car accessories shop across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Started with the mission to repurpose industrial waste, today TRAPO blends innovation and eco-consciousness to offer a diverse range of high-quality products that elevate the driving experience.

Founded by the visionary Lee brothers, TRAPO is more than just a car accessories store; it's a commitment to driving comfort and safety. The signature antibacterial car mats exemplify the dedication to creating a hygienic and comfortable driving environment. Beyond mats, TRAPO's range of practical accessories extends the focus on health and hygiene, providing solutions that transcend the boundaries of the vehicle interior.

Choose TRAPO for not just accessories but a commitment to a safer, more comfortable, and hygienic driving experience. Elevate your journey with TRAPO, where innovation meets functionality and safety takes the driver's seat.