Taylor Swift Dominates the Music Industry, Again!

Taylor Swift has always been record breaking just as in January when she beat Elvis Presley. She is the solo artist who is the only artist that has bagged the top spot on the Billboard album chart for so long. This again comes with her breaking another record.

Swill's song. "Is It Over Now?" Has reached the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Pop Airplay chart last week. This made her who has 13 no.1 Pop Airplay singles, which is the most for any artist ever.

Prior to her latest achievement, it is still safe to say that she is already leading when we look at Maroon 5. Rihanna, and Kaly Perry who each have held 11 No. singles on the Pop AIrplay Charl. Swißl has surpassed her own record this time around and is exceptional, also with her allinity for the number 13 which is her lucky
number and the date of her birthday, which is also why it holds such significance. Read more-https://luminarytimes.com/taylor-swift-dominates-the-music-industry-again/