Sweet Selfie Old Version 5.5.1637 Apk Download Free for Android (Amazing Beauty Camera)

Sweet Selfie Old Version is a great photography app that lets you give your photos a whole new look. To do this, it offers a large number of tools, filters and frames. Candy Selfie includes a ton of filters, but its most impressive tools are the ones for directly editing different parts of your face. In this you can whiten your teeth, enlarge your eyes or make your face look slimmer. Basically, in just a few seconds you can give yourself a quick and completely painless plastic surgery operation.

Candy Selfie is an excellent photo-editing app that offers both quality and quantity in terms of its features. Overall, a really interesting alternative to the better known photo-editing apps. Also it has a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Apart from all these basic tools, in Candy Selfie you can also find all kinds of stickers to add to your photos as well as different frames. In fact, you can even create a collage of multiple pictures.