sugar addicts are chasing their sugar hits harder than ever before! Just like a drug addict, with time more and more substance is needed to scratch the itch. Even then, it is only temporary and so the cycle continues to unfold dragging down every single person affected into a life of misery, dieting and poor health.
It is all well and good telling people to change what they eat, but the environment needs to change for the better too. It is like leaving a drug addict in a pharmacy unsupervised! I do not say this lightly, I appreciate there are differences BUT how big? Drugs and sugar both activate similar pathways in the brain which involve the reward circuitry.
The food industry has recognised that combining refined sugars and fats are hugely palatable and massively addictive – lining their pockets and your arteries. The Western diet is seeing an increase in dementia, obesity, diabetes (T2) and not only that children are getting fatter. It is a global crisis that is not set to change any time soon.

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