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Functional Beverages: The market for functional beverages, such as those with added vitamins, minerals, and other health benefits, has been growing in the UK.

Beverage Trends:

Craft and Artisanal: Similar to the trend in food, there has been a growing interest in craft and artisanal beverages, including craft beers, small-batch spirits, and specialty coffees.

Health and Wellness: Consumers are increasingly seeking beverages that align with their health and wellness goals, leading to the rise of herbal teas, natural juices, and low-sugar options.

Sustainability: Environmental concerns have prompted a focus on sustainable packaging and sourcing of ingredients in the beverage industry.

Premiumization: Many consumers are willing to pay more for high-quality and premium beverages, leading to an emphasis on unique flavors and experiences.

For the most current information about the beverage industry in the UK, including trends, regulations, and market developments, it's recommended to refer to industry reports, trade associations, and official government sources.