RIGA Technical University (RTU)

RIGA Technical University (RTU) holds the distinction of being the oldest university in Latvia, with roots tracing back to its establishment in 1862, marking a legacy of 160 years. RTU stands as the largest technical university in the Baltic Sea region and is both state-owned and globally recognized.

With an enrollment exceeding 14,000 students, RTU boasts a diverse student body, with approximately 72% pursuing undergraduate studies and 28% pursuing postgraduate studies. Additionally, the university hosts over 2,400 international students and employs more than 880 proficient faculty members.

Comprising nine faculties, RTU offers a wide range of academic and professional study programs in areas such as engineering, social sciences, and humanities. Renowned as Latvia's premier higher education institution, RTU achieved a ranking in the QS World University 2022, placing between 751st and 800th position in QS sub-rankings.

Situated in Riga, with its main building located in the Old Town, RTU continuously enhances its infrastructure to provide top-notch facilities on campus. Recognized as a leading engineering study center in the Baltic Region, RTU has cultivated a strong research staff, including 291 leading researchers, 298 researchers, 261 scientific assistants, 128 professors, 123 associate professors, 157 assistant professors, 143 lecturers, and 153 assistants, totaling over 560 academic staff members, comprising 73% of the total staff.