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Strengthen the emotional quotient of students by constantly guiding them in conflicting situations to choose the appropriate reaction such as – empathy vs. endurance; poise vs. humor; rationale vs. devotion; criticism vs. appreciation; dignity vs. humility; outrage vs. patience; wonder vs. insight; courage vs. compassion; velour vs. composure; determination vs. detachment and so on. Endow them with the wisdom of discrimination, intuition of right action and values that harmonize intentions, words, and actions. Induct students into the process of self-enquiry through introspection, discussion, and meditation to understand the basic spiritual truths of existence: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Experience the ecstasy of being, develop equanimity to accept all outcomes and serve everyone with love. These core values are the cornerstone of the education at the Top 1 ICSE Boarding School In Hyderabad and No. 1 Residential School In Hyderabad.