Popular Medical College medical professionals

Established in 2010, Popular Medical College prioritizes the professional development of MBBS students with a dedication to serving humanity. The MBBS program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum covering pre-clinical, para-clinical, and clinical areas, ensuring students acquire in-depth knowledge of disease pathology, manifestation, and management.

Affiliated with the University of Dhaka and accredited by the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council, Popular Medical College conducts its academic activities in a strategically located, multi-storied building in Dhaka. Departments such as physiology, anatomy, pediatrics, community medicine, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and microbiology are equipped with well-appointed laboratories.

With its own 500-bed hospital offering comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services, including dialysis and ICU facilities, Popular Medical College provides students with practical learning opportunities through tutorial classes and clinical assessments.