Plastic Floor Mat Designs Shradha Mat

The Perfect Mat(ch) for You
Everybody has favourites. And often, what one likes or favours is a reflection on their personality.
One tends to favour certain patterns, designs and colours in keeping with one’s personality. Your choices may define you more than you might even care to think. Let’s find out what your choices say about you – in a fun sort of way.
Shradha Mats comes in a range of colours and patterns. There’s more than a good chance that you might favour a certain design, simply because that’s part of your personality. Or it may just be your mood – or the vibe or connection it makes with you in that moment.
Ready? Let’s do this…
Royal Carpet
This one is for those who love to live in style. Those kings and queens at heart who probably call their home their castle. Is it a love of history – or maybe a penchant for the intriguing?
Shradha’s Royal Carpet plastic mat is a total fit for those yearning to feel all high and mighty. Lightweight and easy to instal anywhere, it sits perfectly in the living room or the office. Reversible too, it can make for a relaxing and comfortable time even in the outdoors.
If you’re inclined towards stripes, it probably means you’re categorical and business-like in thought and action. You prefer to keep things simple, yet have a strong sense of self-worth and possess a desire to flaunt your professional personality.
Shradha’s Stripes plastic mats are easy to clean and have a no-nonsense, business-like quality that makes a perfect fit on the office floor. But, they can blend nicely into home décor as well. Indeed, simplicity can sometimes come loaded with class and self-worth.
Polka Dots
Polka Dots can only mean one thing – you’re a fun lover and forever young at heart. Your personality is bubbly, expressive, instinctive and exuberant.
Which actually makes Shradha’s Polka Dots plastic mats ideally suited to children’s rooms – or a home rippling with the delight of childhood. But they can just as well fit anywhere