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Cool your summer with a Mistafog Alfresco Cooling System.

Get comfort and cooling for all of your outdoor areas:

With Australians enjoying living the outdoor lifestyle as much as possible, they also enjoy being able to experience the same feeling when dining out or enjoying other alfresco activities. With this trend on the increase, it becomes essential to provide an outdoor temperature control solution to cool your alfresco spaces during the increasingly warmer days of summer.

Prior to mist cooling systems becoming available, alfresco cooling has been achieved with fans however, merely circulating the warm or hot air can only provide so much relief. Now we have the option to cool the air as well as circulating it with misting fans and fixed line nozzle misting systems. Our alfresco misting fans provide the cooling of our fixed line systems combined with the airflow produced by the fan itself. This way you get the dual effect of cool air from the evaporation and a gentle air flow through your outdoor area which both circulates the air and provides a slight wind chill factor to enhance even further the cooling sensation for your customers.

Heat, we have the solution – Mistafog Outdoor Cooling System:

Misting or fogging systems as they are sometimes known work the same way as the breeze that would come off the ocean at a coastal location, using adiabatic or evaporative cooling to provide the perfect outdoor cooling for your hotel, restaurant, club, casino or any outdoor dining, gaming or recreation area. Our high pressure misting lines and nozzles produce ultrafine atomized water droplets which flash evaporate leaving no water, but ample cooled air to make your patrons more comfortable and stay longer. Another advantage of these fog systems is that the curtain of mist will both act as a barrier and a deterrent to flies and insects in your outdoor area. They are naturally repelled by the mist in the air.

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