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Submitted by • March 2, 2020

Falling of hair is not a new thing nowadays; it has become so common that every fourth man is suffering from hair fall. This is due to increase in Pollution and the change in the food amongst all. The hairs are not getting enough nutrients which are causing them to fall. Everyone needs long, healthy and strong hairs with full density but why are we not getting it? Where are we lacking? What is the problem? What we can do for it? These are the common questions that are arising nowadays in our minds.

Before answering these questions we need to know that what hair is made up of. So, the hair is made up of keratin. The sulfur helps the hair to be connected to its root. The hair fall is faced commonly by both men and women. To stop hair fall onion can play an important role and that onion is the red onion. Red onion is the source from which you can get sulfur for your hair. For strong hair, you need to have the keratin full of sulfur, which red onion can provide you. Most of the people

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