Nvidia Blackwell B200 GPU: Reveals Most Powerful AI Chip

An Nvidia press release highlights that the Blackwell B200 GPU supercomputer has a huge amount of FP4 horsepower—20 petaflops of it, utilizing 208 billion transistors. This super chip was also focused on improving the ultimate performance, as well. It brings together B200 Cooling Modules each having 2 responsible Intel Graphics Card and 1 Grace CPU, it consumes less energy and boosts by 30 times some AI types of job performance. Nvidia claims that the GB200 is much better and saves around twenty-five times as much energy than the older H100 AI model.

Another cool fact is that training a large AI model will be affectionate and easier with the Blackwell B200 GPU. The CEO of Nvidia said that the previously required 8,000 Hopper GPUs would be replaced with one single new model powered by 15 megawatts of energy. One of the remarkable things about Google Brain is that instead of needing the 16,000 GPU setup and 80 megawatts of power the initial setup had, the same job with just 2,000 Blackwell GPUs and four megawatts is now possible.