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A brief review of micro cows includes information about these miniature bovine breeds that have acquired popularity due to their distinct characteristics and various roles. Mini cows, which typically stand between 36 and 42 inches tall at the shoulder, encapsulate the charm of full-sized cows but in a more compact form. These small cattle are not a single breed, but rather a grouping of several miniature cattle breeds, including Dexter, Jersey, and Hereford. They have a variety of coat colors and patterns, which enhance to their visual appeal. Mini cows are known for their soft demeanor, making them ideal for a variety of tasks. Some people maintain them as lovable and manageable pets, enjoying their placid attitude and forging strong ties via interactive care. Others see their potential for small-scale dairy and meat production as a result of their low feed requirements and reasonably high-quality outputs. Mini cows provide both children and adults with hands-on learning opportunities in educational settings, teaching about animal husbandry and building relationships with agriculture. Dexter Mini Cow For Sale