Medical University of Gdansk, Poland

The Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Gdansk has been in operation since as early as 1945, showcasing a rich history of medical education.

The curriculum offered by Gdansk Medical University stands out due to its unique blend of modern medical training and the incorporation of time-tested practices from natural sciences and traditional medicine.

Furthermore, since 2019, the university has attained the prestigious status of a research university. Currently, boasting a student body of 6,000, the university comprises four prominent faculties: the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Biotechnology, and the Faculty of Medicine.

Your educational experience at the Medical University of Gdansk will be enhanced by the presence of several newly established research clinics and institutes equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Life on the Medical University of Gdansk campus is vibrant, with numerous cultural and sports activities available to engage in. Wi-Fi-enabled dormitories are conveniently located near academic buildings.

The university campus features four hostel blocks, each capable of accommodating up to one thousand students. Additionally, amenities such as a grocery shop, photocopy shop, and affordable canteen are available within the campus premises.

The Medical University of Gdansk enjoys high esteem within the local community and the medical profession due to its commitment to socially beneficial endeavors. Its reputation attracts students from around the globe, with a significant international enrollment hailing from countries such as Canada, the UK, Iraq, Spain, Saudi Arabia, India, Sweden, and Germany.

This popularity is well-deserved, considering the university's expertise in medical treatments like radiotherapy, invasive cardiology, and various organ surgeries and transplants, which are often scarce in other clinics and hospitals across Northern Poland.