Russia has become hub for medical aspirant as most of the student consider Russia affordable for doing MBBS .Universities in Russia take pride as they focus on quality of education and they have top notch teaching faculty highly qualified ,highly skilled .There are approx 300 medical university .Medical university in Russia has a very affordable fees structure , which attract many foreign students to pursue their passion and serve for the humankind .
In India every year 6 lakh medical aspirant appear for NEET exam for 45000 medical seats , and only the most luckiest one are able to grab the medical seat , in India there are approx 362 medical university which have produced world class physicians ,surgeons to dedicate their service for the humankind ,but due to high competition and low availability of medical seats it's not possible for every student to grab the seat one of the major reasons of its fees structure sky rocketing day by day and making it impossible for average class to pursue MBBS

· Since in Indian medical system it focuses more on theoretical knowledge and in Russian medical it focus on theoretic knowledge as well as on practical knowledge.
· The time duration of MBBS from Russia is 5.8 years whereas as in India it is for 5 years.
· Russian medical universities focuses on quality over quantity means there is approx 25-30:1 students and in case of India it has 100-120:1 student ratio. in classroom
· Russian medical university has shorter course duration and few exams whereas in India there are longer course duration and many exams.
· In Russia after completion of medical program an M.D degree is provided while in India it is just known as MBBS.