Manufacturers of Premium Gold Pearl Pigments in India

AMP Pigments – manufacturers of high-quality pigments, which are used in various industries and applications. Our product is manufactured to meet the expectations of our clients, featuring impressive pigments including Pearl Pigment Powder, Pigment Paste, Glitter Powder, Radium Powder, Carbon Black, Titanium Dioxide, and Colour Changing Pigments.

We understand the importance of colour and effect in creations to life. Whether you're in the coatings industry, plastics, inks, or cosmetics, our pigments are able to provide exceptional performance, and durability. Our Pearl Pigment Powder adds sheen to products, making them eye-catching. The Pigment Paste offers intense colour and is easy to use for various applications, while our Glitter Powder introduces a sparkling effect that enhances visual appeal.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, which is why our Radium Powder and Colour Changing Pigments are crafted to unique luminescent and thermochromic properties, opening up new possibilities for creativity and product development. With a commitment to quality, AMP Pigments ensures that every product, from Carbon Black to Titanium Dioxide, meets the highest standards of purity, stability, and performance.

Elevate your projects with AMP Pigments – where colour meets innovation.

We provide Pigments in Bulk to Industries, So what are you waiting for — Grab the Opportunity and Contact us .