Mahindra 475 di Tractor Price in India 2021 and Specifications

Mahindra 475 di is a powerful and strong tractor model belonging to the Mahindra brand. The tractor brand is the largest and leading tractor brand in India, producing many useful and hi-tech tractors for farming purposes. Mahindra 475 di tractor is one of them Mahindra 475 di tractor comes with powerful engines and advanced features that make it the most liked tractor in the 42 hp category. The tractor is loaded with a 4-cylinders fuel-efficient engine that helps in rough working fields. Mahindra 475 di is suitable for all the small farms and paddy field operations. It has a compact size, brightening colour, and attractive design, making it the first choice of small and marginal farmers. Mahindra 475 di tractor price is also profitable and beneficial for small farmers

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