JAFZA Approved Liquidators in Dubai | Liquidation services UAE

Reyson Badger is a significant accounting firm in the UAE, with operations in both free zones and the mainland. Our auditors have helped several companies in JAFZA with liquidation services. The team members of Reyson Badger are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the regulation of liquidation and its process in JAFZA as a JAFZA licensed liquidator. Before the company's license is revoked, our team double-checks that all clearances have been completed. The following are the services that a company can expect from us in connection with the liquidation of a JAFZA corporation:

Assign one of the best team members to execute the liquidation
Ensure all the necessary documents and clearances are in hand for the company’s liquidation
Make sure that the company submits all the documents on time to prevent any penalties
Conduct a final audit for your company