iTech Series Publications: Leading Source for Industry Insights and Innovations

iTech Series began its journey in late 2016 with our MarTech Series publication, quickly establishing itself as a leading source of insights in the MarTech space. Recognizing the burgeoning AI landscape, we launched in 2017, which has since become a powerhouse in the field.

Our expansion continued with SalesTech Series, dedicated to the ever-evolving world of sales technologies. To delve deeper into specific industries, we launched the Global FinTech Series and HRTech Series publications, providing comprehensive coverage of trends and innovations in financial and human resources technologies, respectively. Our latest addition, CIO Influence, launched in early 2023 caters specifically to the cloud, networking, storage, security, and unified communications. We are a media publication and a marketing services provider. With a global footprint, iTech Series has emerged as a go-to-repository for 700+ brands and 50+ agencies.