Is there any special fusing machine for designers ?

A unique instrument designed for fashion designers who work with high-end clothing, intricate fabrics, and delicate embellishments like Swarovski crystals is our AG-964 Universal Flat Bed Fusing Machine.

We are aware that attaching delicate ornaments to fabrics without damaging them and elegantly combining them together present several challenges for designers. Conventional fusing machines typically aren't able to handle these problems well, which can lead to disappointing results and annoy designers. For this reason, devices such as the AG-964 were especially designed to cater to the particular requirements of high-end fashion designers.

AG-964 Universal Flat Bed Fusing Machine Features and Benefits:
Because of its sturdy yet lightweight aluminum construction, the AG-964 maintains its heat and applies pressure uniformly. This implies that fabrics can be seamlessly fused together without suffering damage. Its unique top and bottom metal components evenly distribute the pressure, enabling seamless fusion of even somewhat uneven textiles.

Advanced Technology: With the digital timer, temperature control, and suction system that come with the AG-964, you can fuse textiles with incredibly fine precision. At the end of the roller are microscopic sensors that ensure that the fusion is even and constant each time. Additionally, you may save delays and streamline your work by using the roll-rewinding feature and automated belt adjustment.