Is Bing AI image generator helpful | Best AI image generator?

AI is currently rampant. Especially generative AI in content has been revolutionary. But AI is really stepping up ever since. It’s usage in image and video creation has really swooned people’s imagination and captured their interest. Midjourney AI, Leonardo and even SORA have been making rounds on our social feeds all the time. But you know it is a big deal, when incumbents like Microsoft with Bing AI Image Generator also makes a move to capitalize on this growing market.

Microsoft brings Bing AI Image Generator that literally has the power to transform your words into images. Yes, you’ve read that write. Just describe what you want, and Bing AI image generator will render an image based on your description. Nothing less than magical but essentially, this is the real power of AI!

Bing has been a popular search engine, second to Google and Edge has been a long-standing prevalent browser for many years now. Especially, with the growing insecurity regarding data privacy and third-party ad interference, users have been steadily shifting from mainstream search engines and browsers to traditional options.