Ilia State University Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine, Georgia

Established in 2006, the Ilia State University Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine (ISU) stands as a prominent public higher education institution renowned for its commitment to research and education. Central to its ethos are the principles of academic freedom, freedom of conscience, and freedom of choice. As a versatile university, ISU provides ample space for academic pursuits, research endeavors, and specialized education.

At the heart of the Ilia State University (Iliauni) campus in Tbilisi lie eleven buildings, housing various faculties and research institutes. These include dedicated institutes focusing on child development, biophysics, botany, psychology, addiction studies, ecology, zoology, and more. Such diverse research areas reflect the university's multidisciplinary approach to knowledge creation and dissemination.

Iliauni boasts modern facilities, including well-furnished teaching laboratories, state-of-the-art auditoriums, computer classes, and other essential amenities. These resources are instrumental in fostering an enriching learning environment conducive to academic excellence and innovation. Additionally, the university's extensive library houses a vast scientific database, providing students with access to a wealth of scholarly resources. Through the E-library platform, students can conveniently explore e-books, Ph.D. theses, e-journals, audiovisual content, and other digital materials, enhancing their academic pursuits and research endeavors.