Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College

Established in 1989, Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College received approval from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and recognition from the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and BDMC. Each year, approximately 50 candidates are admitted to pursue an MBBS degree, which includes a one-year internship. The college provides modern amenities, including excellent accommodation and security, along with opportunities for students to engage in various extracurricular activities such as theatre, audio studio, sports, drawing, and other competitions aligned with their interests.

Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College operates four large academic hospitals to expose students to a diverse range of urban and rural health issues during their academic tenure. The university leverages cutting-edge technology, ensuring that students have access to upgraded medical equipment for practical training. In addition to medical studies, students pursuing an MBBS degree are required to undergo language learning in both Bengali and English, study Bangladesh's freedom war history, women's development, and environmental studies. Furthermore, subjects like Ayurveda, radio anatomy, ENT, physiotherapy, and pediatrics are compulsory components of the curriculum, ensuring comprehensive learning within their respective course durations.