Electrosurgery Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2023-2029)

Electrosurgery is a term used to describe multiple modalities that uses electricity to cause thermal destruction of tissue through coagulation, dehydration. The rising prevalence of chronic diseases, demand for minimally invasive procedures, innovation and technological advancements in electrosurgical instruments, an increase in hospitals (coupled with an increase in surgical procedures), and a shift in preference for outpatient procedures in developed regions are the main drivers of this market's growth. Electrosurgical equipment is used during surgical intervention to cut, desiccate, coagulate, and fulgurate tissue using a mildly raised electrical charge.

Numerous surgical procedures, including vascular surgery, cardiovascular surgery, gynecological surgery, and others, utilize Electrosurgery technologies. These surgical tools use electric current to thermally harm the various tissues that are being targeted. Electrosurgery technologies are utilized in surgical intervention to coagulate, puncture, and fulgurite, as well as efficiently remove tissues. These methods work in conjunction with high-tech tools because they are easy to obtain and improve the efficacy of invasive surgery, Electrosurgery technologies are commonly employed in a variety of laparoscopic medical procedures to lessen patient trauma.