Dhaka National Medical College

The establishment of Dhaka National Medical College marks a significant transformation from its precursor, the Dhaka National Medical Institute, founded in 1925 during the Non-Cooperation Movement against British rule, as part of the boycott of British education. In 1994, this institution evolved into Dhaka National Medical College, commencing instruction in 1995.

According to the official website of Dhaka National Medical College, the institution is guided by a mission to achieve global recognition for excellence in medical education, scientific research, and patient care. Nearly 2000 medical professionals have launched their careers after receiving training at Dhaka National Medical College, with 130 students admitted during the 2019-20 academic session.

Dhaka National Medical College houses various departments including Cardiology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Neuro-medicine, Gastroenterology, Surgery, and ENT, among others. Its global ranking stands at 21518th among all universities worldwide, while in Bangladesh, it holds the 41st position. The MBBS program spans five years and is exclusively taught in English.