Detox Therapy in Ernakulam Kerala at sanjeevini life care village

Embark on a transformative wellness journey with Detox Therapy at Sanjeevini Life Care Village in scenic Ernakulam, Kerala.Sanjeevini Life Care Village, an expert in well-being, offers personalized detox programs that cleanse, revitalize, and renew. Our commitment to your health and tranquility ensures a bespoke experience, fostering balance and harmony. Unwind in the serene embrace of Ernakulam, Kerala, as you discover the art of detoxification at Sanjeevini Life Care Village—an oasis of well-being where every moment is crafted for your revitalization.visit us at: contact us at: +91 9778634600, +91 484-2736000 Address: South Pallikkunnu Road, Manjapra, Kerala 683581 Map location: