College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur, Nepal

Established in 1993, the College of Medical Sciences operates as a private institution dedicated to medical education. Throughout its history, the college has undergone several transformations to ensure the delivery of high-quality medical services alongside accessible education. It maintains an academic affiliation with Kathmandu University, facilitating a conducive learning environment and opportunities for clinical skill acquisition.

The College of Medical Sciences is equipped with essential facilities including a well-ventilated library, lecture halls, laboratories, seminar rooms, and media labs with computer resources. Furthermore, the learning center is furnished with modern audio-visual equipment, while the basic, clinical, and doctoral departments are air-conditioned. Serving as the hub for clinical teachings, the College of Medical Sciences – Teaching Hospital boasts a fully equipped facility with 1,050 beds, including the largest ICU & OT Complex.

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program spans five and a half years, inclusive of a one-year internship. During this internship period, lasting twelve months, students undergo training to develop essential competencies. The College of Medical Sciences holds a world ranking position at 20,161st.