Can't access linksys smart wifi ? Use

If you are Facing Problem with Not working And Can’t access linksys smart wifi .com continuously error on linksys smart wifi or not loading linksyssmartwifi-com follow these brief guide :
Linksys Smart Wifi

The Linksys smart wifi router can be accessed using the following methods:
To gain local access to the router, perform the steps outlined here:
First and foremost, you must open a web browser.
In the address bar, write "myrouter.local" or enter the default Linksys router ip address ""
Then press the "Enter" key.
Tap on the "Login" option after entering the "Router Password" option.
Admin is the default password.
Remember that if you change your password, you must enter a new one.
You can also use your Linksys smart wifi cloud account to log in.
Simply touch on the link that appears on the screen.
When the linksys smart wifi sign in screen displays, enter your email address and password before selecting "Log in."
You'll notice that the page has appeared.
Simply go to the Smart wifi tools and router settings to access and customise anything.
Remember that the Device list, which appears as the Network Map tool on some Linksys smart wifi routers, is not the same as the Network Map tool.

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