Best shop fitting dundee for business

The Benefits of Shop Fitting in Dundee

Shop fitting is a vital part of running any retail or restaurant business. It involves ensuring that customers enjoy their shopping experience and will return in the future. This can be done by incorporating modern design trends.

Some record stores thrive by catering to niche markets, some find themselves at the forefront of cultural movements and others build a doting following from a dedicated fan base. But few achieve all of these feats and more.


Whether you are opening a new retail store or looking to revamp your current shop, professional shopfitters can help you create an ambiance that will be both appealing and welcoming to customers. They will also ensure that the design and ambiance is in line with your brand image. These factors are critical to the success of your business and will help you attract customers.

A Dundee-based furniture and interior company, Roots Furniture was founded by two Product Design graduates from Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2012. They design and craft bespoke pieces, both household and commercial, as well as shop fittings and fabrication. The team consists of six members, including four apprentices.

In this fourth edition of the Dundee Design Festival, the focus was on breathing life into a run-down and underused shopping center in the city’s heart. ID spoke with the festival’s producers, Lyall Bruce and Ryan McLeod of design studio Agency of None, and Annie Marrs, lead officer for UNESCO Dundee City of Design and lead coordinator for the event, about the planning and local focus of this year’s festival. They also discussed its effect on the shopping center and its residents. The festival is ongoing until May 28.