Best Laundry In Bangalore – Upto 25% Off

Tumbledry is the largest dry clean and laundry chain in India with 200+ stores in 75+ cities. They provide services all across Bangalore. We have a full portfolio of laundry services in Bangalore– be it laundry for daily home wear or for office clothes. We offer three types of laundry services – Wash & Fold, Wash & Steam Iron, and Premium Laundry.
In all the laundry services, imported American machines are used to wash and dry the clothes. Then Italian equipment is used to steam iron the clothes, and give them a crisp and wrinkle-free finish. Express delivery option is available for all our laundry services.
We wash each customer’s clothes separately. Our focus on hygiene is the biggest reason our laundry services are trusted by 1 lac+ customer. Moreover, we follow all the Covid safety guidelines prescribed by WHO & CDC. As a precautionary measure, we also use medical-grade disinfectants to sanitize each washing load.
We also offer 100% color bleed protection in our washing process. All clothes are tested for color bleed before putting in the machine. Any potential color bleed clothes are washed separately using mild detergents.
We also have a proprietary Whitex technology for making your white clothes (like shirts, kurtas, and pyjamas) 3 shades brighter. Combine it with our Italian steam ironing and intelligent packing, and you get a crisp and impeccable finish every time with our laundry service.
We Offer free cuff & collar cleaning and Stain Removal with our laundry services.
Unlike local laundries, you can book their service using mobile apps and track your order without any hassle. They have flexible delivery options: regular and express delivery. And the best part is that you will get free pick-up and delivery on both the delivery options.