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upvc french doors in Ghaziabad

Simta Astrix is a main provider of UPVC French entryways. Our UPVC French Doors in Ghaziabad are designed to complement your office or home in style and function. Our commitment... Read More

sliding and folding doors in Delhi

Simta Astrix's sliding and folding doors in Delhi not only improve the functionality of your home but also make it look better. With a wide range of designs, materials, and... Read More

upvc windows manufacturers in Hyderabad

The city has undergone a significant transformation over time, and as the demand for high-quality building materials and infrastructure has grown, so has the demand for real estate. Simta Astrix,... Read More

upvc sliding doors in Bangalore

UPVC sliding doors are durable, lightweight, and strong. They are ideal for use in offices because they are built to withstand radiation and climate change for many years to come... Read More

upvc sliding doors in Ghaziabad

UPVC sliding doors are an attractive, energy-efficient, and long-lasting option for homeowners in Ghaziabad. Compared to wooden or aluminum doors, these doors are constructed from uPVC, a material that is... Read More

upvc sliding windows in Hyderabad

Simta Astrix sells high-quality upvc sliding windows in Hyderabad. Our windows are designed to give your home the best insulation, soundproofing, and weather resistance possible while also giving it a... Read More

upvc casement windows in Bangalore

Simta Astrix sells durable, energy-efficient, and attractive upvc casement windows in Bangalore. The high-quality casement hardware in our casement windows makes them simple to operate and durable. They can be... Read More

upvc windows manufacturers in Delhi

Due to the constant demand for better living conditions, people are always looking for cutting-edge building materials to improve their homes and workplaces. Simta Astrix, a Delhi-based of UPVC windows... Read More

upvc double glazed windows in Gurgaon

Simta Astrix, we are aware of how essential it is to have windows that both look good and function well. Consequently, we offer Upvc double glazed windows in Gurgaon that... Read More

upvc sliding doors in Hyderabad

Sliding doors made of upvc are becoming more and more common in Indian cities like Hyderabad. These doors are ideal for busy homeowners due to their elegant design, low upkeep,... Read More