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A professional product manager skills portfolio is created based on their activity on the platform. The portfolio contains her projects, endorsements, and contributions along with her top skills and skills... Read More

We achieve our belief by bringing experts and professionals together to build a reputation system where professionals can demonstrate skills by sharing projects and experts can provide rigorous and unbiased... Read More

Everyone should be able to demonstrate their unique skills to increase access to economic opportunity. Ability to get things done i.e., skills should be the pillar of hiring, not pedigree... Read More

The product manager community is the third leg of the platform along with projects and endorsements. It enables you to learn from like-minded professionals on a day-to-day basis while you... Read More

The Prowess product manager community is a group of like-minded professionals passionate about building products people want. We are committed to honing the craft of product management by exchanging ideas,... Read More

Prowess not only has community forums and projects showcase, but also has a number of Curated Product Management Learning Resources accessible to its members, which can help you upskill your... Read More

The personalized skills map consists of skills needed for a professional’s target role. It serves as a guiding system to help a professional select the right activities and monitor progress... Read More

A product manager professional can use their skills portfolio to apply to a job posting with one click. Every job posting has a role archetype and suggested skills score that... Read More

An expert’s portfolio is created based on her activity on the platform. The portfolio contains her projects, endorsements, and expert reviews along with her top skills and skills progression rate.... Read More

Prowess is a lifelong skills management platform that empowers product professionals to go beyond resumes to showcase their skills development journey at or away from the workplace. Professionals can share... Read More