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Best Ortho Care Hospital in Lingampally- Regain Ortho

Regain Bone & Joint Care Clinic is committed to changing and improving the lives of patients by providing exceptional orthopedic care through innovative technology, ongoing research, evidence-based practice, quality, and... Read More

Our preference is to perform an open carpal tunnel release. This is through an incision that is usually less than 2cm long in the palm, between the muscles on either... Read More

Ankle bony ‘spurs’ (osteophytes). Loose bodies (chips of bone or cartilage). Arthritis. Cartilage or bone damage (osteochondral lesions). Scarring / ligament damage. ‘Impingement’ (anterior –front, or posterior-back of ankle). Small fractures. Used in combination with ligament repair/reconstruction... Read More

Shoulder stiffness may occur without any history of injury. This is often called adhesive capsulitis. The shoulder may also become painful and stiff following trauma or shoulder surgery, where the... Read More

Hip Arthroscopy Surgery in Lingampally

Arthritis of the hip joint is a common condition. It usually affects middle-age and older people resulting in over 40,000 hip replacements being performed in Australia per year to relieve... Read More

Knee Revision surgery in Lingampally

The joint is primarily formed by the two large bones of the lower limb, the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone). The patella (kneecap) articulates with the femur... Read More