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To prevent upgrade failures you need to make sure that you are typing the correct hardware version while uploading firmware in the Tp-link range extender. Outdated firmware could void... Read More

dlinkrouter.local : Dlinkrouter.local Firmware update

Wi-fi password is different from the login password, as the network key is utilized to connect to the router’s network but the login password is utilized to access the dlinkrouter.local... Read More

Myrouter.local is a default web based-utility that allows a user to give secure access to all the settings and features of the Linksys router. You can access the web interface... Read More

MAC filtering is a security-based method that is used as an Access Control to only allow the verified users to access the network. With the help of the MAC filtering... Read More

Linksys provides its users with a separate network that is called Guest Network which is used to provide guests with the platform to access the Internet. With the help of... Read More