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Acne and acne scars can affect more than just your skin, studies have demonstrated that acne has a negative effect on self-esteem among patients of all age groups. Women and... Read More

Last registration 30mins before closing time, depending on clinic's current patient load. Clinic Doctors Dr Choo Gwek Mei Dr Chong Si Jack Dr Sit Kok Meng Designated Workplace Doctor Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 1:00 pm 2:00 pm –... Read More

Are you already seeing the formation of fine lines around your eyes or deep smile lines whenever you laugh? And prominent forehead lines when you smile, laugh, express yourself or... Read More

Enjoy a one-stop, hassle-free experience at selected AcuMed clinics with in-house X-Ray facilities. These examinations include: Work Permit Medical Examination (New/Renewal) E Pass/S Pass (New/Renewal) Migrant Domestic Worker Six-Monthly (MDW 6ME) **Kindly bring along all... Read More

At Astique the Aesthetic Clinic, we believe in empowering and fulfilling your potential. if you’re married, struggle to manage your career and family, and have little to no time for yourself.... Read More

Dr Jacqueline Yam, Medical Director of AcuMed Medical Group, is the Clinical Lead of Assurance Primary Care Network. Together with the other doctors in AcuMed and our partners in Assurance... Read More

Every person goes through the stage of adolescence. In this developing stage of an individual’s life, many changes happen mentally, emotionally and physically, including the physiological phase when pimples start... Read More

Health Screenings allow you to detect symptoms of diseases such as chronic diseases at the earliest stage to maintain your health and well-being and prevent disabilities and illnesses later in... Read More

North Gaia EC has it everything, from connection to schools, commercial malls, neighborhood parks, and community centers. Discover unique activity places among nature’s tranquillity. Enjoy millions of photographic moments and... Read More