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Haritima Food has hand-picked the highest-quality vegetables and combined them with spices to create a delectable hot and sour soup. It's tasty and healthy. Gluten-free and GMO-free. No preservatives have... Read More

Flavoured Ice Tea | Ice Tea Collection – Haritima Food

Enjoy flavoured Ice Tea from Haritima Food's special range of Ice Tea collections. The chaiwala ki chaipatti is a blend of assam etc for a special purpose, that is to... Read More

Tomato Soup | Buy Tomato soup Online – Haritima Food

Haritima Food has resulted in a modest but excellent product which is good for your health .Delicious indian puree - tomato, coriander leaves, capsicum with herbs and spices. Good source... Read More

Flavoured Soup | Soup Collection – Haritima Food

Haritima Food uses quality ingredients and spices to create delicious and flavoured soups without preservatives. We offer a soup collection that is appetizing, simple to make, packed with veggies and... Read More

Haritima Foods discover the creamy goodness of Delicious Mushrooms in Italian Mushroom Soup . They are high in protein and contain Vitamins B and D, as well as other essential... Read More

For a fresh and healthy soup, use Haritima Foods Lemon Coriander Soup. This lemon coriander soup is made with lemon and coriander which are full of flavors. It contains fresh... Read More

Simple, seasonal, healthy and Thai! Vegetables combined with Thai herbs and spices a thai veg soup by Haritima Food. Gluten free and non GMO ingredients makes it healthy and nutritious.... Read More

- This is a delicious green soup that is made with spinach, peas, drumsticks, herbs, and spices by Haritima Foods. Additionally, these greens are packed with antioxidants, which helps boost... Read More