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Ample sports facilities are available to promote physical fitness and sportsmanship among students. These include playgrounds for various outdoor sports, as well as indoor facilities for games like table tennis,... Read More

The college's technology infrastructure supports online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and collaborative tools, enabling seamless communication and interaction among students and faculty. AMC Management College offers flexible scheduling options, including... Read More

Moreover, AMC is committed to promoting research and innovation, with several research centers and laboratories dedicated to cutting-edge research in various domains of engineering. Through collaborations with industry partners and... Read More

AMC Management College provides students with access to online databases, e-books, and digital learning resources, allowing them to supplement their studies and conduct research from anywhere. The campus includes... Read More

The course curriculum at AMC Management College is designed to be interdisciplinary, drawing on insights from fields such as economics, psychology, sociology, and technology to provide a holistic understanding of... Read More

Soft skills development programs, including communication skills, leadership skills, and personality development workshops, are integrated into the curriculum to enhance students' employability. The college has tie-ups with foreign universities and multinational... Read More