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Static Seals: An economical Sealing Solution

We design, develop and manufacture of high performance static seals for specialised applications. Static Seals are characterised by the absence of relative motion between the seal and gland. Bruntcliffe Avenue,... Read More

Reciprocating Seals: Seals for High pressure Performance

Our reciprocating seals are hard-wearing, resistant to viscous materials and are used in a wide range of applications for pumps, cylinders and valves for high pressure performance. Contact us today!... Read More

Pipeline Dewatering & Cleaning | Pigging System| Multi Diameter Pig

FTL provides a multi-diameter pipeline pigging solution system, Pipeline pig, dewatering and cleaning system designed to run on the pipe centreline. Get in touch to learn more about Varipig. Bruntcliffe... Read More

O Ring Seals: A versatile sealing solution

O-ring seal is widely used across virtually every industry and complies with all the major food and pharmaceutical industry guidelines, including FDA, USP and more. Bruntcliffe Avenue, Leeds 27 Business... Read More

Inflatable seals: An effective Sealing Solution

Inflatable seals are toric elastomeric seals to create effective sealing solution. Get in touch with a specialist engineer to learn more about inflatable seals. Bruntcliffe Avenue, Leeds 27 Business Park,... Read More

High Pressure Oil Seal | Oil & Gas Sealing Solutions

FTL creates and supplies high pressure oil and gas sealing solutions for various applications, including offshore well drilling, pigging operations, subsea activity and more. Bruntcliffe Avenue, Leeds 27 Business Park,... Read More

FTL specialises in plunger pump solutions to address the challenges faced by plunger pump manufacturers in three areas: Crosshead seals, Low pressure seals and High-pressure pump seals kits. Bruntcliffe Avenue,... Read More

FTL has crafted in-depth solutions to address the issues faced by Positive Displacement pump developers across three areas: Rotary seals, Cartridge seals and Reciprocating seals. Bruntcliffe Avenue, Leeds 27 Business... Read More

CTI Seals | Shaft Seals | Mechanical Seals | Custom Seals

FTL Technology provides a variety of driveline sealing options, CTI seals, shaft seals, covering, mechanical seals, suspension, gearbox seals, custom seals and more. Bruntcliffe Avenue, Leeds 27 Business Park, Morley,... Read More

Central Tyre Inflation System: Maximize your vehicle mobility

Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTIS) maximize vehicle mobility and reduces overall operating costs and improves fuel consumption across all Road, Defense & Agriculture industries. Bruntcliffe Avenue, Leeds 27 Business Park,... Read More