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For liver function tests, sometimes referred to as liver panels, a blood sample is required to determine the state of the liver. This blood sample will be used to evaluate... Read More

The patient regularly has a CBC as part of yearly health maintenance. Patients should have a CBC if they experience symptoms like fever, weakness, or tiredness regularly. This test helps... Read More

Offering the best Kidney Function Test home collection discounts available at CNC Pathlab is something we take great satisfaction in doing for our clients. Our Delhi-based KFT test facility is... Read More

A Full Body Checkup is a fantastic tool to gauge your general health. The procedures included in whole body examinations close to me include thyroid and glucose testing, lipid profile... Read More

A Full Body Checkup Near Me is an excellent tool for evaluating your general health. Lipid profile testing, cholesterol testing, LFT, CBC, KFT, glucose testing, thyroid testing, and other tests... Read More

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A skilled crew of professionals in the pathology and medical fields around me lead and run CNC Pathlab. The test results are delivered by our group of devoted, honourable, and... Read More

CNC Path Lab provides HPLC Blood Test in Delhi with home sample pickup for your convenience. We are the best choice for your HPLC testing requirements thanks to our authorised... Read More