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"Node.js is a JS runtime environment/framework built on the Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It's designed for building fast, scalable network applications and is particularly well-suited for real-time, data-intensive applications. Java,... Read More

9 React best practices one shouldn’t miss to implement in React App Development

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Node.js is a runtime environment of JavaScript that is built on and runs on the v8 engine of Chrome. It allows developers to use JS code even outside the browser.... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Node.js

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At Smarsh Infotech, we provide our best Software Testing and QA services

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End-of-Life date of Node.js 16 changed!

"Postponing the End-of-Life date for Node.js 16 is the decision that Node’s official team announced back in mid-2022. They are moving the EOL date of Node 16 by 7 months... Read More

Reactjs is a popular frontend development framework that developers prefer to use for engaging UI development for different apps or projects. There are several React best practices that developers should... Read More

Frontend web development is the development of GUI (graphical User Interfaces) of any website/web app/application. The UI is developed with the combinational use of HTML, JS, and CSS. UI development... Read More

Node.js vs Java- Which one is better to use in 2023?

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