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Research university | Alfaisal University

Join a distinguished community of academics enrolled in more than seven esteemed graduate programmes to begin a remarkable academic journey. You will be surrounded by great people who have the... Read More

Architectural Engineering | Alfaisal University

The three main goals in the field of construction management are to complete projects on schedule, stay within budget, and guarantee that all requirements are met. The Alfaisal University construction... Read More

Electrical Engineering courses | College of Engineering | Alfaisal University

With so many optional options available through Alfaisal University's Electrical Engineering programme, students can tailor their academic experience to suit their unique interests and professional aspirations. Students can choose from... Read More

Mechanical Engineering | Alfaisal University

The Mechanical Engineering programme at Alfaisal University is created to give students a thorough education that combines academic knowledge and practical abilities in accordance with the most recent technological breakthroughs... Read More

University Preparatory Program | Alfaisal University

Alfaisal University's University Preparatory Programme (UPP) is a game-changing stepping stone that equips students to successfully negotiate the thrilling transition from secondary education to university life. The UPP provides students... Read More

Mathematics & Computer science | Alfaisal University

The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Alfaisal University is committed to offering top-notch courses that encourage analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and proficient use of technology. The department has... Read More

Humanities & Social Sciences | Alfaisal University

The cornerstone of Alfaisal University's academic offerings is the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, which offers a wide variety of courses in anthropology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, and other... Read More

UG courses | Alfaisal University

The comprehensive and vibrant Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences programme at Alfaisal University covers a wide spectrum of scientific specialties. Students who complete this multidisciplinary programme will have a... Read More

General studies l Alfaisal University

A fascinating four-year general studies bachelor's degree programme is available from Alfaisal University in Saudi Arabia. This extensive curriculum aims to give pupils a well-rounded education that spans several fields... Read More

Pharmacy colleges | Alfaisal University Saudi Arabia

The University Preparatory Programme (UPP) at Alfaisal University provides access to an engaging academic path for aspirant pharmacists. The famous five-year Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) programme offered by the College... Read More