AR / VR based Healthcare Digital Marketing Service Providers Market, 2020-2030

Given the present scenario, many stakeholders are adopting such advanced marketing strategies to drive better consumer engagement through the use of immersive and interactive technologies

Key Market Insights
More than 125 companies claim to offer different AR / VR based digital marketing services to the healthcare and pharma industry
The majority of players engaged in providing AR / VR based digital marketing services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry are small-sized companies (63%), followed by mid-sized (32%) and large players (5%). In addition, majority (38%) of the players were established during the period 2011-2015.
Several big pharma players have taken significant strides in in the field of AR / VR
These instances are either by collaborating with digital marketing service providers or through development of in-house capabilities. Majority (18%) of the instances were recorded in the year 2018.
More than 350 industry players have been identified as likely partners for AR / VR based digital marketing service providers
The potential strategic partners have been identified by evaluating more than 4,500 industry sponsored clinical trials (including phase I / II, phase II and phase II / III trials), and have been analyzed based on our proprietary scoring criteria.
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