Anwer Khan Modern Medical College

Established in 2008, this private medical school, Anwer Khan Modern Medical College, offers an MBBS degree recognized by NMC, WHO, and the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. The college is affiliated with a 750-bed hospital, providing practical training opportunities for students. With modern facilities, including accommodation and security, students have the chance to engage in various extracurricular activities such as theater, music, sports, and competitions, showcasing their talents and interests.

Anwer Khan Modern Medical College ranks 116th among universities in Bangladesh and 12319th globally. It offers MBBS courses in English, catering to both foreign and Indian students. The main building houses departments such as physiology, biochemistry, pathology, community medicine, and microbiology, offering tutorial and practical classes. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the university ensures students have access to updated medical equipment for their training.

With the Ministry of Health, Bangladesh allocating 50% of seats to foreign students, Anwer Khan Modern Medical College provides a more cost-effective option for those seeking an MBBS degree compared to Indian private medical colleges.