Air Ticket Booking System India

Streamlined Air Ticket Booking System

An Air Ticket Booking System is a software application designed to automate the process of booking and managing airline tickets. It allows customers to search for and book flights, view flight schedules, and manage their reservations online.

The software enables travel companies and OTA's to offer an online reservation system for their B2C and B2B businesses to connect with the multiple GDS APIs and LCC airlines for ticketing, which lets travel companies improve their operations and make them run more effortlessly.

As you see, developing an air ticket booking solution provides ample opportunity to manage inventory, agent control, bookings, and ticket reservations all in one place and get the airline reservation made fast and easily.

However, those who are airline ticketing booking system software providers are discovering top-level travel technological software to manage the flight booking process smoothly. Due to knowledgeable technological expansion, organizations are utilizing the airline ticketing booking process, where travelers can easily get that opportunity and make deals with web applications.

How Does Air Ticket Booking System Work?

Essentially, the airline ticketing system works through a systematic approach. Although there are three main processes, each system is subdivided. Let's see what the three major airline ticketing systems are.

• Flight searching

• Flight booking

• Ticketing

Flight Searching

Three steps, such as Airline Website, OTA, and Meta search engine, can complete flight searching.

Airline Website: The website sends a search request directly to the airline's CRS and then displays the list of available flights to the customer, skipping the whole GDS part.

Online Travel Agencies: Online travel agencies (OTAs) get flight data from GDSs, air consolidators, which negotiate with carriers for bulk or net fares and then resell them to travel distributors and partner airlines.